Day 44

Intimidating pressures of the world,

Tire the innocence of the soul.

Uninterrupted flow of thoughts,

Disturb the calmness of the mind.

Looking up at the sky,

Seeking for simplicity of life.

To the Darkness

Day 43

A dark labyrinth,

Like a shadow I walk.

Looking around.

Searching for something,

A way out probably.

I spend hours and days,

Struggling. Somehow surviving.

Days go by,

And then a ray of light.

I pound towards it,

I feel ecstatic,

A cry of joy,

The relentless efforts have paid off.

I step out only to realise, something is amiss

Dreams of dark alleys,

Maybe I belonged to the darkness

The struggles, the pain, the uncertainty.

And so I return,

Into the labyrinth.

Missing Rain

Day 41

If I had to get attached and feel sad,

I would cry thinking of the rains..

that drizzled so lightly on muddy terrains.

Rain that touched the leaves ever so softly,

& fell off the branches onto the grass below.

I would miss the sound that accompanied me during quiet lonely days.

Rain that cleared the dark skies and brought some light into my gloomy days.

Touching fingers and kissing cheeks in surprise

Oh, sweet loving rain!

The Unrequited Love Poem

Day 40

I love him dearly.

In the depths of his eyes,

A sea of knowledge and an emotion of kindness.

His praises for Chardonnay spilled with delight.

History, books and literature were all he desired.

I looked at him longingly and gave him all my attention.

Not once did I miss his classes of European Literature.

He always smiled at me and my heart fluttered with joy.

But he looked at me like he looked at everyone else.

Soon days of college came to an end.

And never did I see him again.

A Bird’s Song

Day 38

A bird fluttered around,

Singing a mysterious song.

No usual chirping or sounds of calling out.

It sang a deep, quaint song,

It was brief but melodious.

Eerie, sinless and sensuous.

The mellow, bold tune

Soon began to fade.

The bird passed into oblivion,

Only the song hauntingly remained.

What Does One Do?

Day 37

In the midst of commotion,

It’s easy to lose your identity.

Hide behind or disappear,

Nobody would notice.

But when you stand alone,

It’s a problem too.

You stand out and soon,

The commotion is all about you.

Judgemental pricks.

Live and let live.

A Boy on a Cliff

Day 35

On the edge of a mountain cliff,

A little boy settles down..

To glance up at the clear skies.

and to behold the magnificence

Lying ahead of him.

Serene natural splendour

Deep valleys and lakes,

Blessed forests and picturesque mountainscapes.

The little boy stops by everyday

To forget his story,

and to rejoice in nature’s glory.