Love thy Self

Day 14

What are you searching for?

Friends? Some company?


There is no need to feel bitter,

Lonely or sad.

Don’t you like your company the best?

If not, then spend time..

Discovering yourself.

It really helps!

The Silent Ones

Day 10

You do not talk much.

You are a loner.

You are socially awkward.

You spend time with books.

You like your own company.

But what are you going to do

When you are put in a spot

And when you are expected to talk?

Do not put on a mask

Your words of wisdom will make the mark.


Day 6

The summer is here

Bright sunny days

Hot rising air.

Time to put the

Sunglasses and sun caps on.

Get into those

Floral printed dresses

Colourful shorts.

Sip on some

Margaritas and cold coffees.

When Friends Talk

Day 5

When friends talk

You know it will take a while to stop.

It can go on for hours

When they reminisce the memories of their past.

When friends talk

The many emotions on their faces

Look like a movie.

Excitedly with light in their eyes

They open up and share their lives.

When friends talk

They disagree, get angry and fight.

But when they come back and smile

You can’t help but hug them tight.

Friends make life easier

They comfort and assure you

When they put their arm around you.

You know they will always be around you.