Sound of Rain

The sound of rain through my window pane

So loud on the grayish white frame.

Drops splatter on the muddy plain

Winds howl and embrace the rain.


The pitter-pattering drops on lakes and leaves.

Gentle rumble of clouds with a crackling blaze

Thunder, wind and rain play their lightning game.


Immersing in its overwhelming power and busy affair

A slight tug on my insides

A temptation, a drawing, a lordly call of the rain.

Here’s comes the season of rain once again.

Try Some Kindness

You walk around like a snob,

What’s that look on your face,

Humble down a bit.

You will need to earn the respect and love.

Curt replies, crass behavior

Towards people below your so called “standards”

Just makes You an extremely unpleasant person.

No you are not special,

You are not a judge of your intelligence

and you certainly are not entitled to belittle others.

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at, these streets are mine as much as yours!

Why do I need to cover myself?

And walk with my head down..

Why are you men looking at me all the time..?


Is it the clothes I wear?

Have you never seen a woman before..?

What is it that you wish to see?

Your shameless, creepy gaze pierces through me..

How I wish I could beat you right now and pull your eyes out..


These roads are so bad,

Stones on my path,

Mud and dust in the air..,

and you stupid men stand over there and stare..!


What do you get by looking?

Do you realise how uncomfortable it makes me!

No it’s not that I am afraid,

Just ashamed. I have no hope.

This city is going down the drain..