World Hunger Day

Silver foils, empty plates

Hungry kids stop and stare.

Dried lips, messy hair

Are you here to beg?

But should be out there to play

Or is this your new game?

We throw away and waste.

Children out there are waiting to be fed.

A little more care, a little less greed

Can maybe feed the ones in need.

Protect and educate

Love and care

Let’s improve what we can today

Be humble and nice to everyone you meet.

..and another day

With the crack of dawn

I rose..

like the crispness in the air.

I smiled a while and looked ahead

At the hazy clouds in the light blue sky.

I give a thought to what I have become

And close my eyes for a second.

I open them again

Look for rays of hope for my actions.

Take a deep breath, smell the freshness in the air

& go back in to live another day.

Into the dark

I embark into the deep dark woods

Walk, continue walking

Look around and find just darkness

Forests black as the night

Play with the wind and howl all night

Nothing but pebbles on my track

Crispness of the leaves leave behind a crackling noise.

I stop and stare

Wonder what’s ahead

An endless twirling path

I sob and look up at the sky

Dark foggy mist in the air

Chilly piercing winds make me embrace myself

The moon pierces through the smokey clouds


A tight grip on my shoulder

I turn around to find nothing but darkness again.