Pulling me deeper

It’s a darkness

It’s full of pain

I know what lies inside

I pull myself together, block all the dark thoughts

Close my eyes

Breathe deep with the hope the pains goes away

Sigh, everything is still the same

My wandering mind settles in thoughts of him again

How do I push them away

It just keeps getting worse

There is nothing good to him

Then why do I get pulled towards him again

Is it the attention I seek

Or the idea of him being just mine.



If it was so easy

Pain, oh honey is needy

It likes to dwell on my happy side

Slowly building its hive.

I begin to share sides

Start to believe

Happiness and pain go together

Until it begins to take more than its share.

Pain is greedy

Gets more clingy

How do I push this needy one away?

Trapped in its sad clutches how does one escape.