Her Wrath

A delicate soul.

Crush it not with the miseries of the world. 

Give it warmth, love, and attention.

It silently demands for a lot more. 

Withering in pain, burning brighter than the flames

It steers clear from emotions.

‘cos it knows it will be drowned in them.

Jealousy pierces like a thousand knives.

So, it decides to turn into a stone.

With tears of ice in its eyes.


They watch over you with their keen and judgy eyes

Surrounded by dark red clouds emitting an aura of jealousy and envy

They look down upon you to make you feel worthless

You take a step back – 

Fear in your eyes

You try to hide your pain 

The pressure is pulling you down

You feel weak in your knees

You’re afraid of being consumed by the darkness once you blink your eyes

So, you look straight ahead with passion in your eyes

The fear slowly seems to fade away

The redness of the clouds begins to turn into a pale white light

Suddenly, you are struck by the lightning of enlightenment

Now, you feel whole and satiated. 

Two Little Souls

Two little souls out in the sun and sand

Joyous and so full of life.

Lost are they in their sweet land of dreams

Obscure and unfamiliar of the worldly miseries.

They play gleefully with a twinkle in their eyes

Laugh uncontrollably at the silliest of their crimes.

Involved are they so intensely in their games

They’ve failed to notice the dirt on their gear.

How you wish to be like them at times

Carefree and peaceful and true of their lives.